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MOVED [23 Jan 2005|07:01pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]



please add me as a friend there <333
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more ideas ... [20 Jan 2005|03:38pm]
ok, so i got more ideas ... thanks to all who gave their opinions <3. if you wouldn't mind giving them again ... 8D or just tell me your favourite. tell me if you hate any too!

pretty-please.org {i don't like the .org but it's the only one available :(}
fairylite.net {similar to fairylight but diff. spelling. which do you prefer?}
politelypink.net {how weird, i know}

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with a cherry on top [19 Jan 2005|07:47pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

i'm thinking of buying a new domain.

what do you think of

tell me your favourite and what you think of each if possible <3 thank youuu!

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roll the dice [19 Jan 2005|10:04am]
[ mood | lazy ]

hey dudes! OMGAHHHH i'm back :D. i have been for three days or something but didn't bother updating. but i am now :D.

my holiday was both awesome and boring. it was awesome when courtney was up for a week, but boring for the rest of the time because our boat broke down after we took courtney back to auckland.

we both got incredibly tipsy on barely any alcohol on new years and crashed the next door neighbour's "party". this ended up in courtney and i at the end of the wharf with this guy called andy who had the hots for yours truly but the feeling wasn't mutual. we decided to jump off the wharf and some weird middle-aged drunken guy came up to us in his boat and kept asking to come onto our wharf so we said "oh no, you can't this is a private wharf!!!" and pushed him off. he proceeded to say "goodbye then, my nymphs of the night!!!". weird stuff. anyway, after jumping off and a lot of close contact with andy {we got him totally soaked, hahah, and he was in his clothes} i agreed to fulfil his new year's wish of a kiss but only if courtney would too. and it turned out, he was a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE KISSER. he really needs lessons.

we got drunk another time, which i won't go into any graphic details about but i ended up losing my shorts and finding the next day under our wharf.

i LOVE waterskiing and i'm getting alright at it :D. i'm pretty good at using 2 skis, so i was going to learn how to use just one (with two feet on it) but the boat broke down. aghhh!

anyways, i will write more sometime soon, because i am feeling tres lazy.

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there's just one thing i need ... [21 Dec 2004|09:31am]
[ mood | happy ]

well, my summer break is not as dismal as it was looking like in my last entry :D i got over my blank mood and have been having HEAPS of fun!

i met up with daniel once and we saw bridget jones 2 and just cuddled most of the time <3. we haven't met up again though ... and i probably won't be able to for a while. we haven't talked in ages either because he ran out of money on his phone ._. i don't think i'll break up with him though. i just hope when i come back from my holiday we can meet up more and stuff. otherwise it really is pointless.

the weather has NOT been great though even though it's supposed to be summer. so i ended up seeing a lot of movies:
* bridget jones 2 {twice}
* sleepover
* lemony snicket: a series of unfortunate events
* the grudge
and that is quite a bit for a summer holiday! it's rained heaps and today it's just windy and cold. not good. i'm hoping it will be better up at kawau island {where we are going away on holiday} i'll find a picture of it to show you :D.

we leave tomorrow afternoon. it will be a long, boring 6 hour drive to rotorua, then another 4 hours or something to warkworth. *sigh* i'll burn heaps of mix CDs to entertain myself 8D.

i finished all my christmas shopping yesterday. i bought:
* share bear for courtz
* the lizzie mcguire movie for stella
* peter pan {new version} for juliet
* charm bracelets for gemma and boo
* neopets trading cards, starburst squirts and a spongebob toy for seb
my parents said they didn't want anything ... and they were pretty adamant about it. otherwise i definitely would have bought something for them!

ALSO ... i made a new layout for lemonade last night, so check it out!!!


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mmm. [10 Dec 2004|07:51pm]
[ mood | blah ]

im in a really weird mood right now, not happy or sad. i feel so bored. juliet and stella asked me to stay up at juliet's house tonight, but i'm honestly not in the mood for a sleepover or anything. i just feel like going to sleep. it's quite weird, really. i wish i was in a better mood but i just feel lazy and pointless.

one of joel's friends {whom i have never met before}, daniel, asked me out because he's cute and was really, really sweet to me. we've sent around 100 texts to each other and i really hope we meet soon because otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose of having a boyfriend. so i'm slightly excited over the prospect of having a possible first kiss sometime soon. but yeah, i hope everything goes well. my first boyfriend, so i don't really want it to be a total loss.

i haven't updated lemonade in ages either ... not feeling very creative. i have a couple of things to add but i want to change the layout first. meh, i might just leave it for a while. but my life is not particularly interesting anyway.

went to the gym today with elisha and saw bridget jones 2. it was pretty good, but a lot like the first. the gym is great, it means i do something every day and it helps me lose weight. i really need to be doing more these holidays though. oh, and enea, i got you the dice earrings :D i'll send them soon along with the other earrings and a christmas card :D.

yeah, sorry about my boring babble, you can ignore it, haha. i'm really tired which is probably why my mood is so weird. *yawn*. well i'll watch las vegas at 8:30 and go straight to sleep afterwards. hopefully i'm in a better mood tomorrow.

anyone else get in moods like this?

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YAYOMGOMG!!! [07 Dec 2004|07:01am]

today is the last day of school for the whole year! after this it will be nothing but christmas and summer!!! YAYAYAYAAYYY!!!! it'll be a seriously boring day though because all we do is go to a "formal assembly" and have our carol service. yawwwwn. i must remember to bring some gum or something to do.

last night was prizegiving - another boring event! i got a prize though, for music, french and latin :D. so i'm happy! aaaaaand, mum promised me a phone if i got a prize so originally i was going to get the cheapest camera phone available but then i persuaded her to get this one!

however, it means i only get to spend NZ $50 on the stuff i choose for christmas instead of NZ $150 but i think it's worth it :D. so i'm reaaaally, reaaaaally happy about that! if my mum has sent the money through to my account i can buy it tonight!

we exchanged secret santa presents yesterday, gemma was the one giving me presents! for the last pressie she gave me a photo album with photos of all of our group <33333 i love it to pieces!!! i gave annabel a MOR marshmallow lip gloss, and it smells super super good!

i can't believe it's finally summer holidays!!!

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8 the OC icons [01 Dec 2004|07:44pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

:D YAY <3333

more under the cutCollapse )

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confessions of a ... [20 Nov 2004|05:13pm]
i went to see without a paddle with eli, courtz and stella today! i LOVED it n_n. it was really funny ... but a little bit corny at times, the whole best friend thing really got to me. but overall it was hilarious. afterwards we went shopping because i needed to go to dymocks {book store} to see if they had confessions of an heiress in, which i ordered last week. it's so embarrassing, hehe, the shop assistants gave me strange looks. there are two new stores that have open which are basically cheap jewelry/handbag stores. they're disgusting. i see imitation louis vuitton all the time now ._. but anyway, i took the bus back home and was wearing my juicy hoodie and tee and this random girl came up to me and was like "OMG, are you from america?" and i said "no ..." and she went "OMG, i loooooove juicy! i noticed you were wearing it so i just HAD to come up to you! i have these jeans which are really ugly but they're juicy so i can't chuck them away! ... etc etc". haha i thought no-one knew n_n. she was cool, hehe, if a little weird! tonight i'm going to this haunted mansion thing with my brother and his friend. should be quite ... fun? hopefully it's scary.
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surveys are so pointless <3 [19 Nov 2004|07:08am]
i *heart* surveys.

Right Now:
What clothes are you wearing? cropped levi's jeans and a juicy couture top
What shoes are you wearing? none
What make-up do you have on? mascara, concealer
What jewelry are you wearing? watch, blue bracelet
How is your hair styled? ponytail
How would you describe your style? pretty and colourful :D
What do you usually wear? jeans and pretty tops
What article of clothing have you outgrown but wish you hadn't? a denim mini-skirt

This or That:
--- jeans, capris, or shorts? jeans
--- bikini briefs, string bikini, or thong? bikini briefs
--- t-shirt or fitted tee? fitted tee
--- jacket or hoodie? jacket
--- pants or dress? depends what they look like!
--- striped or plaid? striped
--- spaghetti strap or tank? tank
--- sports bra or cupped bra? cupped bra
--- long-sleeves or short sleeves? short sleeves
--- tight-fitting or loose? tight-fitting
--- american eagle or abercrombie? we don't have either here in NZ ._.

Favorites :
Clothing Store: eBay!
Clothing Brand: juicy couture!
Pants You Own: levi's jeans
Dress You Own: er, my uniform?
Top You Own: "juicy couture" tee
Outfit: jeans, tee, juicy hoodie, cool jewelry and flipflops 8D
Shoes: converse all stars

This or That :
--- sneakers or boots? sneakers
--- flat or heeled? flat
--- strappy sandals or flip-flops? flip-flops
--- Nike or Adidas? adidas
--- Steve Madden or Dr. Marten? no idea who steve madden is ...
--- Converse or Vans? converse

Do you own any :
--- Converse? yes
--- Docs? no
--- Steve Maddens? no
--- Tommy? no
--- Nikes? no
--- Adidas? yes
--- Reebok? no
--- Vans? no
--- LEI? no
--- Skechers? yes
--- Mudd? no
--- Candies? no
--- Timberland? no
--- Air Force Ones? no

make-up :
Do you wear any of the following, and if so, what kind?
--- eyeshadow: shimmery greens, blues, purples, white. any colour really! MAC usually.
--- Lipstick/Lip Gloss: lancome juicy tubes
--- Foundation: nope!
--- Eyeliner: sometimes black
--- Mascara: maybelline volum express
--- Blush: nuh-uh!
--- Powder: no again ...
--- Nail Polish: clear, pink, iridescent.

Which celebrity has the best make-up style? samaire armstrong wears the coolest colours, but i don't really follow anyone's makeup style ...
How old were you when you first started wearing make-up? 12
Must you always wear make-up? pretty much
Favorite make-up brands: MAC, lancome, clinique.

Jewelry :
What jewelry do you wear every day? bracelet and necklace

Favorites :
type of jewelry: necklace
ring: diamonds
earrings: dangly ones, even though i don't have mine pierced ;D
bracelet: a watch, silver or anything interesting and colourful
necklace: silver or white gold
other: um?
How many piercings do you have: 000000.0000
Do you have any tattoos: no
Do you have any significant jewelry (i.e. a promise ring, jewelry that has been passed down in your family)? yupsy n_n
Is any of your jewelry real gold, diamond, or silver? yes!

Do you use any of the following?:
--- blow-dryer: yes
--- straightening iron: yes
--- curling iron: no
--- relaxer: no

Hair Products :
--- shampoo: garnier fructis
--- hair spray: don't use
--- hair gel: don't use
--- hair dye: none
--- others: the blonde shampoo bar from LUSH
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something pretty [18 Nov 2004|09:01am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i'm supposed to be studying for my history exam right now. i did all my other exams last week. the reason i'm doing history THiS week is because i do it instead of humanities in the year ahead of me. so i got yesterday afternoon and this morning off school to study, but i haven't done much of it! oooops. ah well, it won't be too hard.

i'm happy with the marks i got in my exams, and i got top of my class in some of them n_n.
* french 97%
* latin 91%
* music 91%
* maths 88%
* english 83%
* science 92%
i'm SO glad the year is almost over. we finish on the 8th of december *sigh*. i CAN'T WAiT!!! summer will be here and i can tan and swim and all that good stuff. it most definitely is the best season. it's so much fun swimming at the beach on christmas <3. i can't wait for christmas either!

took some photos of my bunny & some random stuff :D.
you're so damn hotCollapse )

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! the best day of the whole entire year. ever.

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just a little [10 Nov 2004|07:09am]
[ mood | busy ]

just a teeny weeny request - if you're bored and have nothing to do, would you mind making some 88x31 buttons for lemonade? just make sure they say lemonade on them and you will be linked and credited appropriately <3333 thanks!

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5 OC icons [09 Nov 2004|05:21pm]
[ mood | content ]

from "the distance" <333 haven't actually seen this episode yet as it has not been shown in new zealand yet :(.


* someone's watching over me *Collapse )

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OMGZZZ [08 Nov 2004|08:40pm]
made a new layout for lemonade click here
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FRIENDS ONLY <3 [13 Sep 2004|05:01pm]

because i want to know who's reading n_n
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in a moment, everything can change [08 Sep 2004|05:49pm]
my life is so messed up. i'm stressed, upset and ANGRY. stuff has happened that i won't divulge here (sarah knows what i'm talking about ... shhh) and it's made me so upset, and MORE has happened, loss of trust ... lies ... and we still haven't talked. sorry that you won't be able to understand this ... but i hate my life right now. i really do. i might lose my closest friend, she's done the most out-of-character things ... stella and i have tried talking it over with her but she's always been sick ... she told her mum what happened so she probably hates us. i have no idea what's going on with her ... it's horrible. i haven't cried yet, which is a bit out of character for me. we rang her every night on 3-way, and she hasn't been able to use the phone. i HATE what's going on. if you're close to me, drop me a gmail and i might tell you what's going on, if i get time.

i try blocking ^that out most of the time. i feel really fat at the moment ... my thighs and butt are so huge. i binge after school. i eat way too much unhealthy stuff. i probably way 120 lbs or something. i'm 5'6" and for me ... well i hate it. i want to diet. yeah. eating healthy, smaller portions, etc.

yeah i'm pretty unhappy ;____; neesh was so sweet ... she bought me a candle and wrote me the sweetest card <3333 she's such an adorable friend and i take her for granted n_n. i just want everything to blow over, to be back to the happy old me.

i'm so happy for everyone who has started school <33333 all the best, hope you make lots of great friends and have a super good time <3.

sorry for all this ranting you've had to endure >u
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genius-ness of me [05 Sep 2004|10:20am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

YAY my exam went OK. i won't go into details, but i think i'll pass. i didn't stuff up too bad n_n. so that's all good. but ANYWAY. yesterday courts, stella and i went to see the village :D it seemed really scary, probably because we scared each other! haha courtney kept going "i don't want to be here. i wanna get out of the cinema. i hate this." and covering her eyes. i LOVE getting scared in scary movies. hehe. otherwise there's NO point, and it's all part of the fun. then we went to fancy world and stella spent US $20 on pens or something o_O coz she's addicted to gel pens. so i bought a few too, and a blue pen n_n. i stole courtz's for a while but then stella stole it off me and then it ran out. ah well. today i'm going out with stella and courts again :D haha fun fun. we'll probably go to her house or MINE or shopping. i dunno. we'll see n_n.

oh YEAH, yesterday when we were going home we got on the wrong bus :O we were going up to stella's house so we thought we could take the 14 or the 23, and we were waiting for the 14 but then the 23 came so we got on! it turned out it was going to karori NOT wadestown! AHHH! we walked down some hill to the botanical gardens and had to get stella's dad to pick us up!

enea, you have been waiting so long for this! haha my parents were out so i unplugged the laptop and took photos of ... well, click and see!

CLICK click <3Collapse )

oh yeah, i have GMAIL so drop me an email please :D chrissi.star@gmail.com <3 enea, i've sent out your letter :D

comment and be commented <3

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interview-ness [03 Sep 2004|09:41am]
[ mood | calm ]

i'm slightly calmer now. :D i can actually do spiccato, sautille and vibrato OK. and my pieces are good. i just better not fail :D. a B would be enough ... OK? i have it's about 1 and a half hours until my exam. i will be OK! i will do fine ;D. *hopehopehopehope* thanks everyone for wishing me luck, i hope it helps me and i hope i don't stuff up too much.

i can't wait until it's all over ... i won't have to practice, i won't have to CARE what style the 20th century music was (for those of you that don't know, it began with impressionism and it became much freer and the composers were bored so they created new keys and were influenced by other countries, e.g: indonesia such as pentatonic scales. they soon created the 12-tone rule in which you had to play all the other notes before playing another twice. the same went for rhythms. yeah.)

enea, i just put together your letter :D it has lots of cool stuff in it <33333 i can't wait for you to send yours!!! OC POSTER <3333 haha.

YAY i got interviewed!
1. Are there really like a bazillion sheep in New Zealand?
yes. seriously. there are more sheep than people. probably triple the amout of people. no more. there's like 1 billion or something o_O.
2. If the world's water supply suddenly turned purple would you still drink it? hey, why not? if it still tastes like water, then it's just a different color. who cares? water is water. purple water is purple water.
3. What is your favorite oceanic animal? dolphins ... i used to be obsessed with them ;D
4. How would the death of Maroon 5 affect YOU? it wouldn't, they're an ok band but i have better things to do than mourn.
5. When did you last brush your teeth (approx. time)? 8:55 AM

1. Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I'll reply and give you five questions to answer.
3. You'll update your LJ with the five questions answered.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed. And it just keeps going, and going, and going...

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STRESSED [02 Sep 2004|08:48pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i am so effing stressed. exam tomorrow. 11:18 am. I CAN'T DO THIS!!!! it's so much work ... i must have practised for 3 hours tonight ... i have no idea if i'll so ok or whatever. my spiccato is terrible ;___; i have to learn about all of these composers and music periods and i have to be all dressed up. HELP me. i need a bubble bath and a punching bag.
i don't wanna do this. i should have worked so much harder. i really, really, REALLY don't want to fail. i have failed two tests in my life. and i don't like it. YUCKYUCKYUCK i better do ok. i want to practice more. i might do, actually. it needs to be perfect. i must get an A. yeah this is really jumbled but i am SOOOOO freaking out right now. ok. time to type out stuff about the cavatina ... RIGHT. i need to do well. ;___; i really, really want this.

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OMGZ [01 Sep 2004|05:22pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

i haven't updated in a while ;___; i've been incredibly super duper busy practising for my violin exam on friday ><. i have a practice with my accompanist tonight so i hope that goes well! LUCKiLY, i have an examiner who i know from a while ago and she's really nice and is easier on marking than kevin, the strict examiner who i REALLY didn't want to get :D. so i hope i do OK. get an A- or something :D that'd be good n_n ^^* grade 7 is harrrrd {the highest grade is grade 8} WISH ME LUCK <3333333333

school was heaps of fun :D well lunchtime was, not really the classes n_n! it was raining so we went over to the gym and played a game for a bit and then juliet, gemma and i ran into this big mat thing with our shoes off and seeing who could fall over the furthest ... haha then it fell on us ._. yes we were hyper ... very ... hyper! in health jules wrote on my face ;D "i <3 you" and "hi". at the end of school, i had to give this letter about me having a day off on friday to the principal and she was like, "i notice you have some decoration on your face, please take it off!" our school is too strict about uniform ><.

random photo-nessCollapse )

hyperness is fun. try it sometime :D

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