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26 June
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HELLO <3333

hello there friends {and non-friends}. you have reached the userinfo of chrissi, isn't that just too awesome? of course it is! so, about the glorious me: i go by the name of christabel but you can call me chrissi because it's much easier that way. i'm currently 14 years of age and reside in the beautiful country of new zealand in the capital city, wellington.

in case you don't know or haven't worked it out, my favourite colour is PINK because it's so pretty and girlie :D. i'm a very girly girl, actually. i adore makeup, shopping, clothes, the OC and my friends <3333. having fun is also a very awesome thing to occupy your time with. i'm quite obsessed with the OC, it's a bit unhealthy but i don't really care :D. if i did, i wouldn't like it so much, would i??? my favourite food and drink is definitely starbuck's frappuccinos. they are delicious, i could live off them. they have to have caramel sauce on the BOTTOM and TOP. and no whipped cream, thanks.

i buy a lot of my clothes off ebay, because the shopping in new zealand is not that super. i prefer juicy couture among other brands which i can't purchase over here. at least i have LUSH ... a girl can never have too many bath products! they make the most delicious things.

my favourite movie is mean girls but legally blonde, harry potter 3 and thirteen are also okay by me :D.

have fun reading about me and my *interesting* life. mmm. make that not too interesting.